Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sdoriftas departure :o

Well like the title says, im no longer in this clan im in tdsd now :P dont take this as me hating rdt im not D: special goodbye for all my longlasting teammates :D pastel, u are the leader again =D Bye guys!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


New face in the rockstar drift team! Noedel! :D welcome in mate :D


O hai thar! LOL check out this retard called ''jero3nel'' drifting ''his'' cars LOL its quite funny how ppls pathetic can be hahah u may have noticed that there is my r30 and RDT 240sx lol and he says that those mods are his most detailed cars wtf??? hahah
me talking agen about stolen mods like a stubern dick D: i hope this community shuts down for good cos this stealing is takeing its toll on me D: so yeah next time u really wanna piss me off do something more like 2 year sangerspys do D: (there gipsy emo gay pride lolz)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nissan Skyline GT-R32 Stock

Hey there! Me and lp converted an r32 from juiced dl link will be up soon!

oh and thanks for the ppls who commented :D

Sunday, September 21, 2008


O hai thar! well what do we have new in gta? new maps new mods new stolen parts mmkkay.. i would like to say that 95% of ppls in gta cant actually mod (modeling means makeing from scratch)
cus they are all like "lul its easier to take parts from other cars than making yer own" well it is easier aswell but its very rude and violateing to the actuall authors of stolen parts and if u wish to steal a part make sure u ask permission for it and credit the guy who made it..Another thing as excel said that this problem was going on for ages in gta community since it all started...Heres an example(rdt shoutbox): [ZD]Matss says: Hi! Check my new car! :DDD.
I go to his blog and guess what i find? I find that Blessed/SuperSupra's s15 keioffice and its like
Author: [ZD]Matss lol
that really pisses me off like those ppls work for hours on there car and they write clearly in the readme that those ppls who wish to modify it need to ask for permission and 99 percent of retards in sa dont even open the readme...
Ricers... I've got tired of this bullshit hi chick muh new car second time i open the blog and i just see a bunch of ricerockets with no credits to the authors or i bet with no permission cos this half-assed gta community is very rude and violateing to the actuall car modelers and to ea games and other game makers [ppls convert cars and rice (shake & all3x)].
So srsly stop stealing parts and start making yer own shit just like i did check out my engine its bullshit but it has been actually scratch made by me in total i just used blessed and supersupras textures from there s15.but its a start and if u practice modeling u cant go worse u can just be better at it ;).
Now i gotta point out few of ppls that can actually model:
Just listen to me and others START MAEKING YER OWN SHIT!

Me talking liek a stubern dick again D: this just happens when i cant find anyone to relate to :/
Cheerzoolah :o!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bl3wtard's gayday :O

O hai tharr! i was a lil late sorry and forgot to post...ANYWAYS! it was bl3ws bday! so lets begin :D
1st:the cake[surprising one :o]:

2nd[The song]:
Happy bday to dear ketchup turd
Happy bday to tardface
Happy bday to turdbawler
Happy bday to cawksawker
3rd[Threats]: Everyone say happy bday on shoutbox or die D:
4th[Conclusion]: so now our dear friend bl3wtard is getting his first menstruation that means that his moving out of dypers and starting to be a real girl :D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

RB26DETT Scratch made by Sdrifter ;o

Oh hai! Well as the title says ive scratch made an engine :o i just gotta notice u its my first engine so dont expect much u guys decide on the shoutbox have i failed or succeded?
Credits to Blessed/Supersupra for the engineskin2 texture and credits for google for teh engine texture : o enough talk here r teh pix:


Monday, September 15, 2008


Ello all as u may have noticed lately the banner has been changed and this one is made by MrVorbis! So all credits to him! Big thanks! :D

Friday, September 12, 2008

[RDT] Meetings

Hello again im here to inform all [RDT] members that from now on there will be a race meeting at varius maps every friday. Everyone must come, no excuses or else ure gonna be kicked out.Only exception allowed is our co-leader Pastel.He doesnt have to show up there if hes busy with his work.There will be a box on the right side of this blog that will show when the meetings will be done that means when(in hours lol) It will show the time by Greenwich so make sure that u know constantly how much time is it in Greenwich okkay? Thats it! and dont be late unless u wanna be kicked out! Cheers!

Scratch made parts

I saw erh's post on his site and his amazing 240sx and i decided to stop stealing parts D: and making my own which is really fun like he said it too so i started to do an s14 converted by flinta from juiced 2 (an best s14 kouki for gta if u ask me). I made an simple tachometer with textures by endo i found them on so credits go to him and flinta.Enough talking heres the pic.. u guys decide on the chatbox if i succeded or failed.the pic:

So thats it!
one thing i got to say to part stealers!
make ur own stuff even if u fail u will just get more experience just like sakina practicing :D have fun!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pastel's Gayday :D

Ok lets have a laugh here :D yea im doing the same thing on bdays like excel does but i dont giev a shit so here lets begin :D

1:The gay/emo cake :D:

2nd:The bad bday song :D:
Happy bday to turdlicker(pastel :O) happy bday to fuckface happy bday to gayranger :D
3rd: Wishes: ihopeufuckingdieugayemofucktarduaredumbfuckanyonecanpwnj00cosurdumbfuckcock :O
4th: the conclusion: So now our dear ketchup friend started to use his first underware :D
5th:The true: jokes man happy birthday its ur 25th :D

Monday, September 8, 2008


Ello yall im back (not from vacations lol) my pc was fked badly so ive choosed to buy a new one :o and i did :D well some ppls may have missed me (bloody) some for sure didnt anyways thats all from me oh btw welcome fuji :D

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Toyota Corolla 77

Hey everyone , Im here again to present an awesome oldschool modified by Gred, for me one of his best cars at the moment.
Its in street drift version, with some nice modifications.
Mods on the car:

- new engine
- new wheels
- new interior
- new exhaust
- some bus fixed on body

Some pic of it ingame

Author car: unknown
Converted by:Aviolina
Modified by: Gred


Welcome to the team Fujiwara

Im here to present a new member on Rockstar Drift Team, its my country mate Nélson aka Fujiwara.
He is on the team as a modder, and Im glad for it because he is a great modder.
I will post here later some of his work.
Welcome a board dude, hope you like the team.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Nissan Laurel Drift by [RDT]Gred

Hey everyone, I´m here again to present a Modified Nissan Laurel for drift.
Here are the modifications of the car:

- new bodykit
- new front and rear lights
- new wheels
- new interior
- new engine
- new Paintjob

Here are some pics ingame:

Original car made by ClubTH(I think, forgive me if I´m wrong), and modified by Gred.