Saturday, May 31, 2008

AE86 Levin Touge Drift updated

So here is one of my favourite cars, the Levin that already was introduced in a older post, now with some updates.

- new wheels(from Beto R30, thanks for this amazing wheels)
- added a new racing seat
- new reflection(the car now is more=clean)
- new exhaust(double)
- new license plate with team logo
- new rollcage

Some pics ingame:

Thanks for James to modified it, credits are all for him :)
Hope you guys like the updates

Thursday, May 29, 2008

R32 Rockstar Drift Team

Ya hallo thar! heres my new car the rockstar r32... original model was by sakaki for vice city but it was converted by torzer so credits are going to torzer,sakaki,shake(for pics),noedel(pj of course :P),lost prophet(for helping with the model) and of course the great beto for letting me use his awesome rims on my car ^^ and the rest of guys who wish to be credited...this car is also my car for dari92's contest (i hope i wont finish last xD) so here we are.Pics:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yet Another idiot!

aparently there is no end to idiots like mix or streetd w/E u wanna call this jerk and diablo wanker who cant wank :/...there is a new clan called [NPD]Nismo Powered Drifters..I saw that mix is in so i just told him that npd is a noob clan (for all u idiots noob means new aiight? thanks) and he like always with his small brain starts to think that a sentece called noob clan is an offence bah what an idiot he got pissed off on me cus hes a bloody wanker who cant wank and cus hes got a small brain wich cant understand the sentence meaning noob clan LMAO! thats all for now ps(sorry yall for me being annoying cus of these assholes but i just had to warn normal peoples around =/) Bai!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rockstar 240sx

Hey guys, im proud to present this car, the Rockstar 240sx
The car is for download on worldmods without interior and with Hiroshi Fukuda paintjob, but Gred add on it a nice interior and exhaust, and now Noedel made this awesome PJ for it, and i can say that is awesome.
Here are some pics of it ingame.

Credits go to Gred for the car and Noedel for the paintjob.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Idiot!

Ya hallo thar!Mello yall...U all know Diablo eh?Ye i bet u do...Well why? cus hes a complete retard who proved that hes retarded and gay and he always fail's to make a good response to an big insult to him..he even told us (James and me) that its possible to do a wheelie drift LOL what an idiot...
u guys decide in chatbox does he need a rehab... i say that he needs a rehab and a BIG one lol...
go on erh4be's blog he wrote some good shit about kids like diablo (i mean no offence to looney or gtagmer07)he thinks that he can pwn anyone in the globe..what an idiot he even told me that he pwned excelo bahahhaha what a jerk...i pwned him like 20 times on desert route(wich is gay) and he still thinks that hes better than me cus he just pwned me once on big ear haha just watch out for kids like fuckablo they are completely retarded...Bai!

A new map arrived to SA: Rokko

Hi guys, i came here with an awesome new of a new drift map that make Sakina and Akagi to small, its called Rokko and for me its the best drift hill created for SA.
Here is a pic of me, King Maccer, [RDT]James, [TDSD]Invisible and [SD]MaxDrift at the top of the hill.

You can download the map here:

The credits go to the author of this amazing hill, that I dont know the name.
Hope you guys like it, because I love it


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Widebody R30 by [RDT]James

Hey guys this is an awesome car made by James.
A unique widebody R30, really cool and new stuff added to the car too.

- bodykit
- wheels
- new interior with [RDT]James logo
- new exhaust(check the detail of the exhaust on the side of the car)
- added NOS bottles
- new intercooler on front
- rollcage added

ZM pics

Ingame pics

Hope you guys like it.
Credits go to [RDT]James for modifiyng the original model made by Hokusai, and for the author too :)


New Vid from [RDT]Aalex with out team car

[RDT]Aalex is a new member in clan and this vid is from him with [RDT] R30 clan car

S13.5 Falken Discount Tires

S13.5... :o LOL aiight check out the pics =P but before u do it i would like to credit Blessed/SuperSupra and noedel for the pj and the guy who made the s13.