Sunday, June 29, 2008

2 new cars from Team members

First car was made by [RDT]Noedel, and its a Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mods made on the car:

-Cleaned front
-New bodykit
-Carbon hood
-New spoiler
-New double exhaust
-New edited VOLK wheels
-New sparco seat
-New momo steering wheel
-New taillights
-Rollcage added
-New paintjob

Some pics ingame:

The second car was made by [RDT]Gred, and its a Mazda Rx7 fc3s
Mods on the car:

-new wheels
-new PaintJob(from LFS)
-new interior
-new engine
-rollcage added

Some pics ingame:

Hope you guys like the cars :D


Monday, June 23, 2008

James behaviour!!!!!

Hey all, im here too say some things about a person that i thought it was my "friend", James.
James is pissed of with me because of a car he made(S15 import tuner" and that he call "his car".
First, I dont mod, so I ask him to built the car, I gave him all the parts he needed, the only thing that he really made on this car was the rear bumper, the rest i send him everything.
Now he pissed of with me because i send the car to "Sampdrifter", for those who dont know i knew sampdrfter almos a year ago in samp v0.2, and he always was nice to me and "teach" me some things, and James now is pissed of by that, and i show him the last SD video of stunt/freeride and he even said "that dude(sampdrifter) doesnt have a life", just because SD his good on the vids he made.
I send the car to SD because I trust him, but the point is: James is weird last days, I always supported his acts, he fights with lots of ppl in this community, he even said racist comments to Looney, offended AalexS14´s mother( that for what I know already died :( )and some more shits that I dont wanna talk, call noob to everyone, and he think that he is the best.
I really didnt want to publicate this post but when you go to my chatboux insulting me dude, sorry but U are the fucking noob that think that is the best, insults Beto because Beto made a great job on his R30, insults Lostprophet because "steals" his ideas, lol WTF.
Yes dude im 24 and like I told you, i only am in samp very times because atm im unemployed, but lately i wasnt there so many times because im working, and U say to me to get a life, dude U skipeed school because U pass all night modding, lol.
Who needs to get a life?
So unfortunately James bye dude, and thanks to all, but i got to say "Fuck you", you´re being an asshole :(


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cars of the movie!!!!!!

Yo guys like i said in the previous post I´m thinking doing a muscle cars movie, and so for that I will need some cars, so I´m gonna put some pics here of the cars that will be in the vid.
I might put some more but atm these will enter on the movie.

The car i will use more times: Chevy Nova(remodeled by James, ty mate)

Dodge Charger

Dodge Challenger(this model was made by Erh4be)

Chevrolet Camaro SS

Shelby GT 500

Pontiac GTO

Also the famous Dodge Charger General Lee will enter in this movie too, being ride by James.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Congratulations again

Again conrats


Congratulations Sdrifter

Hey mate happy birthday dude.
Here goes


SDrifter's birthday :O

Oi bruv's!! :D as u can see i have yet another chance to rape this blog :O jks haha well today its my bday ;D (yay me) so now im 13 :o well since its my bday i want mellows and a huge watermelon like hillary clinton's boobs :O jks hahha well thats all from me btw i finished converting my supra from pro street. its my first convert so dont expect something special :D catch ya laterz :D ps big thanks to xsb for his rsx as my present :) and to james for a present too :D

Sunday, June 15, 2008

AE86 Levin chain drifts & [RDT]Beleza Rokko drift

This is my last vid, and Beleza´s rokko drift vid too

Hope you guys like it.


240sx+S15 By [SDrifter]

Hai2u guys sup? long time no cars from me eh? :o! well as u can see this will maybe be my last car for rdt :( since im getting tested for sfss :O (meh wish me luck ;p) if i fail tests (i hope i dont :o) i will make even more cars for this great clan :) enough about clans lets talk about the car :o it was made by clubth show and i modified it to be rockstar version :D here are sum pix made by [1337][JJ] :o :

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

S15 Import Tuner finished

Like the topic says, the S15 last "work" by James is finished.
The new parts on the car are:

- new color on seats
- edited rear bumper
- new spoiler
- new rollcage with speedmeters on it

Some pics ingame:

Hope you guys like it, to me one of the best S15´s around


Bye James mate!!!!!

Like the topic said James decided to leave [RDT] and GTA for good( thats what he said ), but I will try to bring him back again, first because for those who doesnt know him that well as me he is an awesome dude, second because I drift with him sometime ago and third because also being a good drifter he is a great modder, so [RDT will miss him, although he have good modders too.
He told me one of the reasons were that some ppl like to piss him off, I dont understand why ppl like to "fight" in this game, for us is a drift game not a contest to see who win the "asshole" prize.
But... what can I say unless Bye mate!!!!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

W.I.P Nissan Silvia S15 Import Tuner

Hey everyone, im going to post some pics here of a new project that is in progress.
Its Nissan Silvia S15 original model from( I´m not sure) vcmod, and RYO modified it to his S15 TOY(awesome car), and now its being modified by me and James.

Things modified until now:

- new front bumper
- new intercooler
- new air entrances for engine(red tubes)
- new wheels
- removed Paint Job
- some new stuff in the interior(not finished)

Zmod pic:

New front bumper

New wheels and intercooler

Some pics ingame:

Hope you uys like it.
Some updates soon



Thursday, June 5, 2008

New clan member [RDT]Gred and his new work

Hey everyone, im intrducing here the new clan Member [RDT]Gred and his new car that he made, the Rockstar S15.
This is one of the D1 grand prix racing cars and he made this replica for GTA.
Enough talk some pics:

And here a pic with [1337]Silvia making some Donuts...


Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Rockstar 240sx for Download!!!!

So this is other Rockstar car and its for download.
The original model from Gred now got new drift wheels and you guys can have it for download.
As I told before the PJ was made by Noedel and Sdrifter put these new wheels on it.
I like it and I hope you guys like it too.

Some pics ingame: