Friday, February 29, 2008

s13,14 replica done!!1

0_0 here some inzmod pics and some reals pics [ryo_watanabe]here xD

s13,14 replica :s

hey guys my frind pastel give me a nice idea 'make a s13 whit a s14 front like the on ei got on this pic' then i decide to make it here some pics original car first then the progrees i have made :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sears S13

This is a replica of the Sears S13 drift car, the original model its from ClubTH, but MaxDrift modified it with help of UK.

Real model:

Ingame pics:

Hope you guys like it, I do


[RDT] Members

Hi everyone, hope you guys like our blog.
We are drift fans, and we love to drift in GTA, so we create this new team.
It has only three members and we think its good because we are all friends and we are all leaders of the team.
So heres the staff:


Cars and news will be up soon